Zack & Fik-Shun (Hip-Hop)


I’ve learned so much about myself: that no matter how many times people tell you you can’t do something, or how many people don’t believe in you, that if you keep pushing, you can prove everybody wrong. And it will feel so good. 

Surprise BITCH

Rudy cheering for Zack, probably my favorite scene from this season.

"There is an alliance that has pretty much dominated every decision that has been made. These people play the game with nothing but selfishness, dishonesty, and cowardice. They stomp around this island, and bully all the rest of us into submitting into any decision they’d like to make. Tonight I’m gonna say to you guys, fuck you, fuck your alliance. The members of this alliance are Kenny, Johnny, Dunbar, Paula, and Johanna. And every one of us would be naive to think that we are somehow part of their plans. The truth is, that they would stab any one of us in the back for the victory."